Covid Vaccine: Have The mRNA Vaccines Done More Harm Than Good

Covid Vaccine: Have The mRNA Vaccines Done More Harm Than Good

Dr Peter McCullough says, “India acted wisely by not allowing mRNA vaccines (Pfizer). Now sadly India did allow the adenoviral DNA vaccines which are also unsafe and while they don’t work but are less toxic because there is a fixed amount of antigen.

Who hasn’t heard of rising numbers of heart attacks, sleep-deaths even among the young and healthy these days? From news reports to Twitter, reports on myocarditis and vaccine injury especially from mRNA vaccines has alarmed the global citizenry. Even figures like Jerry Sachs, who headed the Lancet Commission on COVID, has expressed much disbelief in the dominant narrative propagated by the media and “COVID experts”.

Now India has barred mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna) vaccines. Naturally the government received much flak. Some were quick to call the step anti-science, unsound medical policy and myopic, but as the dust is settling another picture emerges. New voices from within the scientific community are questioning efficacy and biosafety of mRNA vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna.

Governments around the world are also independently scrutinising negative affects of the mRNA vaccine program, while other experts fear that the mRNA vaccines have done more harm than good.

To clear the air on the subject, I spoke with American cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough, who has recently concluded a world lecture tour exposing the health risk and military origins of the mRNA vaccines.

Speaking at full venues across Europe, Australia, and India, Dr McCullough is one of the prominent global voices calling for scrutiny on the vaccine manufactures and stopping of mRNA vaccines mandates. Dr McCullough does believe in vaccines and has also been a co-principal investigator for a proposed COVID vaccine and in his own words “isn’t against vaccines categorically.”

Medicine Or ‘Bio-War’?

As the winter winds retreat to the icy Himalayas, the sun warms Delhi. The change of weather brings back coughs, fevers and the seasonal flu. My evening was about to turn into a dark night, only I wasn’t aware of it when Dr McCullough and I started talking. What’s the problem with Pfizer and other mRNA vaccines, I asked and received a shocking answer, “ We have learned through research, that the research arm of the US military called DARPA in 2012 launched an ADEPT P3 Program – The pandemic protection program and it is in 2012 that our military said we are going to end pandemics in 60 days. So it was a military operation from the start. And then they used contractors. Moderna, later Pfizer came in as recipient of federal money. The therapeutic uses of mRNA vaccines haven’t gone so far for unclear reasons,” Dr McCullough said.

Further he explained, “The idea came from DARPA defence contractors, and those who have claimed to have invented the messenger RNA or invented lipid nanoparticles are now culpable for designing a disastrous bio-chemical product for the public.”

Next Dr McCullough cited scientific papers that pointed to the “long lasting effects of mRNA vaccines”, as some studies pointed to spike protein in lymph nodes at least up to 2 months (The study was concluded at two months) and even messenger RNA circulating in blood of patients for upto 28 days. Operation Warp Speed in the US, which rest of the world relied on, Dr McCullough said, didn’t do the standard pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies and failed to inform people of the harm and in fact the reason why many people were “living out a disaster in terms of vaccine injuries and deaths as result of the mRNA vaccines.”

His eyes revealed his conviction and honesty. He was sad at how millions of lives were perhaps destroyed by this military experiment. “It’s deeply unnerving to learn about the military origins of these vaccines, and it’s clearly written on their website that is what they are going to do and they did it too. The vaccines were released by the Department of Defence (DOD) and emergency use mechanism is a military mechanism, and has been used in the past for the anthrax vaccine. It is unclear if the FDA has any role in the approval or not or if they could stop this, if they wanted to. Currently the FDA and the military are showing no interest in cases of vaccine’s injuries or deaths,” Dr McCullough said.

What are The mRNA Vaccines Affects

In our conversation it became clear that the US military is vaccinated with Pfizer and other mRNA vaccines, some of the top military men have testified in senate committee meetings that “vaccines have killed more military personnel than COVID.”

So could the mRNA vaccines be responsible for “the random deaths” especially from heart ailments across the world? “ First of all these are not random deaths. Before COVID most deaths in the US were known – 40 percent from known cancer, 40 percent from known heart disease, and 20 percent from motor accidents, drug overdose, suicides, etc. But there is a rise in mortality from unknown causes. It is also clear through 1250 scientific peer reviewed papers that vaccines (mRNA) cause fatal and non-fatal vaccine injury syndrome. The spike protein in the body has also proven to be fatal. In my opinion the deaths are due to the vaccine, until proven otherwise. Two autopsy studies, one performed by Schwab and other by Chavez, prove this. ” Dr McCullough said.

But what kind of ailments or symptoms are vaccine injuries and how are they fatal? “Myocarditis is the leading cause. The vaccines (mRNA) go to the heart and install the genetic code for the Wuhan spike protein inside the heart muscles which damages the heart tissues and leads to irregular heart rhythm. This causes cardiac arrests especially during two periods, one during exercise and other during sleep. The (mRNA) vaccines are causing massive deaths,” Dr McCullough assured me.

But I wanted to probe him further, and asked him for more information and other affects if any? He referenced various scientific papers and narrated the problems, “Blood clotting, internal haemorrhaging, strokes, fatal neurological syndromes, auto-immune problems, VITT, multiple system inflammatory disorder and other sundry diseases. But the major groups are cardio-vascular, neurological, haematological and immunological.”

He also referred to a Japanese study undertaken to understand mRNA vaccines affects on women’s reproductive health, and points to lipid nanoparticles reaching the mammalian ovaries and potentially causing infertility, ovarian and egg damage.

I want to test his hypothesis on a third country, and that’s when Israel came to the rescue. Pfizer and mRNA vaccines were the preferred weapon in Israel’s fight against COVID and as a country Israel has the highest rate of vaccine penetration. Have we seen any of these problems in Israel? “There is an Israeli study that points to male infertility, as sperm count is reduced for 6 months after vaccination with mRNA vaccines. So men in the lower range of fertility will be brought to infertility with COVID19 vaccination,” he said.

“What we learn from Israel is with each COVID19 vaccination there is a greater chance of illness. A paper by Levi in Israel shows that there were increased 911 calls complaining of cardiac arrests from young men after the vaccination,” he stated and moved on to explain how as per public research 15 percent of the US vaccinated population “may be vaccine injured”.

This new information led to the next question, was the mRNA vaccine a weapon of biowar, given its military origins explained earlier. “SARS-COVID 2 is considered to be a biological threat as per our government wayback in 2005 and that’s documented by our US PREP Act website, so there is no conjecture there. This campaign is not about public safety but about national security hence the public is suffering from ill-advised, unsafe and ineffective mass vaccination,” he told.

So did he think India acted smartly by not allowing for Pfizer and other mRNA vaccines into the country? “India and China did not allow mRNA vaccines. I think they made a wise decision. Now sadly India did allow the adenoviral DNA vaccines which are also unsafe and while they don’t work but are less toxic because there is a fixed amount of antigen. With a genetic vaccine (mRNA) there is an uncontrolled production of the lethal spike protein for an uncontrolled period of time or at least for a 30 day period, which is way too long,” he said.

My cool evening had turned into a chilly night, before we ended, I asked if there is any hope for the future? “I would surmise that we are going to have a decrease in the world’s population because 2/3rd of the world took the vaccine, and that will be due to the product of increased mortality, reduced life expectancy and reduced fertility. All these will lead to a reduction in population and which will constrain the workforce. I mean there will be a financial penalty in services due to reduced labour. Things could get tough for several decades now because of this ill-advised and unnecessary vaccination program.”

If Dr McCullough is right, at least the majority of Indians are safe from the harmful long term affects of the mRNA vaccines. But concern grows for other people of the world who are now vulnerable to the numerous adverse effects. Although, this is not the end to uncovering the biosafety of mRNA vaccines, it definitely raises deep insecurities about the military-industrial-pharma complex who seem to be gambling with the fate of humanity, for a few dollars more?


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